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 "Anyone can get dressed up and be glamorous.......but it is how people dress up on their days off that is the most intriguing."  Alexander Wang

It's a good thing Mr Wang only finds this 'intriguing' and not definitive of one's character and it's an even better thing that Mr Wang is not lurking around the compound when I'm in residence for the day.

I'm not sure that PJ's for the day would shoot me up into the ranks of style maven ...... regardless of the label. But it's a well known fact that when I'm at home for a day I tend to roll back into bed at night in exactly what I rolled out of it in that morning. Mr Happiest-Trapped-Man-Alive*(HTMA) would have much ammunition should he ever choose to take aim.

Come on though, let's be honest, we've all done it. That rare treat of having a whole entire day at home. Add to that a few rain clouds and satellite television and that sofa has your rear end written all over it.  

There are inherent risks that style mavens on their day off would be well attuned to. Let's take for example the unexpected knock at the door. There's nothing like the knock at the door to get me shooting up the hallway at Olympic pace whispering frantically (bordering on hysteria) to my HTMA "I'm not here"..... he's like "what?" (at 73 decibels) ...... me "I'm not here !!!" audible stage whisper co-ordinated with throat cutting gesture to add to the dramatic scene unfolding. HTMA still doesn't get it..... "What did you say ? Where are you going ? There's someone at the door." Cue bedroom door slamming and Amanda scrambling for cover under the pile of stylish, albeit 'already-worn-and-in-need-of-a-wash' fashion items that should be attended to by 3.47pm on a Sunday afternoon.

Familiar scene ? 

Then it can be said that any style maven worth her weight in Desigual handbags should be able to re-emerge 97 seconds later in French linen pants (slightly crushed from their recent mid pile residence) teamed with a semi-crushed (meant to be) cotton shirt, matching 6 inch canvas wedges and a fabulous bit of fabric (found stuffed under the bed) wrapped effortlessly around her head to hide the unwashed tangle that was moulded to the sofa cushions only 97 seconds earlier. If you can make it appear as though you've just stepped away from your 20,000 word thesis toward your MBA then you're definitely taking it to an entirely new level.

How's that for intriguing Mr Wang ? 

We all know one. Every school pick up zone has one.  A style maven that is. Someone who looks effortlessly stylish regardless of their location or destination. They're not 'overdone' or 'underdone'....... they've thrown together an ensemble that is simply stunning. They won't be on the receiving end of "Wow look at you ! Where are you off to ?" ...... that's because their look is truly effortless. 

There is a knack to it I believe. But armed with the right inspiration there's no reason for you not to exude the intrinsic air of the 'style maven'. 

Here's a bit of inspiration from Ruby Maine to help you on your way to envied appreciation ....... even at 3.47pm on a lazy Sunday afternoon.






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