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    LTB has been dominating the denim world for many years now, and rightfully so. LTB jeans are an outstanding quality, super slimming and immaculately fitting jean that are super comfortable and easy to wear. The LTB label was first introduced in 1948 in Turkey and ever since, the label has been swept up in a fashion frenzy around the globe. 


    Ruby Maine is lucky enough to stock these delectable LTB denim gems. Ruby Maine is home to a comprehensive collection of divine denim by LTB... Each piece, whether it be of dark, light or coloured denim, bootcut, straight or slim fitting, is waiting to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. 

    The LTB Melina Black Wax Jeans are currently stealing the spotlight. Their sophisticated shine and sexy simplisity is currently the biggest trend. Believe it or not, the super stylish 'Melina Black Wax Jeans' are super comfortable. These jeans will become your fondest wardrobe item, both because of their stunning appearance and superb comfort. We are not joking when we say they are as comfortable as your favorite trackpants... these jeans define comfort! 

    The LTB Jeans are made of premium denim in the season’s hottest colors, shapes, and textures. Wear Black Wax LTB jeans and embrace today’s hottest trend with the bonus of superior comfort and smashing style. 

    Navy, charcoal, black, prints, warm greys.....Anything but the Winter Blues

     The Chief is away so I've been a bit distracted this morning.....the divine winter arrivals that Miss Annabelle and I have been unpacking proving temptation is difficult to resist.  It's safe to say there are a few pieces that won't be making it to the shopfront thanks to yours truly and my Mr HTMA will once again be able to exercise his eyeballs as they roll into the back of his head !

    I have a feeling that the florals are going to get bolder as we edge towards next spring ... our new label Madeleine Charles has introduced a strong floral vibe for her winter collection. Muted autumn tones and luxurious light woollen capes are this designer's signature for Winter 2013. Her collection literally took my breath away. 

    Elk has arrived (minus a couple of bits that I've absconded with) and does not disappoint. The way the fabric falls and swishes...so feminine yet winter 'cosy'. Elk's a great label for our Australian winters. You can layer, warm when we need it but simply covered for our mostly mild winter seasons.

    Long winter boots from Walnut and Tilly Rose in such beautiful leathers and suedes. Black and dark earthy tan are the key colours here. We're just loving the 'worn in' leather look - it has that vintage feel.


    Where the Ruby Maine journey began...

    Ruby Maine opened in September 2009  in the Central West NSW town of Narromine. Chief ‘gem’ Marnie had a vision for a boutique style shop in this small country town that would add a hint of glamour and Parisian chic to the street scape,  and of course, the ‘girl about town’.

    Ruby Maine opened as a specialist shoe boutique stocking drop-dead gorgeous shoes for every occasion - killer heels, Italian flats, Spanish boots for the voluptuous calf and everything in between.

    The adventurous Marnie soon expanded the boutique into a veritable treasure trove of womens wear, shoes, home wares, jewellery, handbags, and all the accessories you can imagine.



    Rhonda & Sam love to search for that unique label, from Australian & International brands.

    The journey continues with the launch of our new website.

    Our blog is of course going to be an expression of us. Of our love of fashion, our love of family, and always our love of fun and fabulousness.

    You’ll follow our dreams and our vision.......become part of our journey - it’s going to be a blast.




    Ruby Maine is on a blogging adventure and our quest for blogging supremacy will only be matched by your return enthusiasm for our regular (and riveting) posts ....... it won't always be about the design haven that is Ruby Maine...... it won't always introduce you to dynamic and inspiring new labels in store...... and it won't always provide you with fabulous fashionista style solutions. 

    The truth is, we're prone to distraction here at Ruby Maine HQ - well, let's be fair.... it's a major challenge to remain focused when there is an abundance of passion, creativity and exuberance bursting from the rafters day in and day out !

    So sometimes a little 'randomness' (to coin a favourite phrase of my teenage daughters) will come your way.....but a straight road without bends is a bit like a woman without curves.....and we'd hate for the journey to get straight to the point.

    We want to share our love of fashion with you and let you in on everything fashion means to us. It’s so much more than adornment - it’s our life and all that that encompasses.

    Love, trials and tribulations. Laughter and tears.


    There are fashion blogs and then there is our blog.


     We’ll search for ‘the meaning of fashion’ ....... fashion can, and will, change your life.  You’ll be inspired, led, motivated and lifted right from the very bottom of your ‘sole’.


    RUBY X






    Ruby Loves Winter

    We don't get much of a look in when it comes to battling the ferocious force of winter blasts......being inhabitants of the Great Southern Land aka 'the Lucky Country' aka 'a sunburnt country' on and on.


    Approaching the middle of winter, it's really really hard to remember how to layer up and look fabbo without looking like a recycled tyre from a military tank.


    Elk does it well. Layers without unwanted bulk. Just simple easy flowing fabrics suited to our Australian winters.

    A friendly woollen scarf from Aussie design duo Otto & Spike will ward off the chill from our winter mornings. 


    Don't misunderstand me, Ruby knows there are frogs among us.....and those that do in fact live in much cooler climates. Our racks of amazing coats will colour your world ....we're just loving the range of coats from Fever A gorgeous label with quirks of design that will keep your winter warmer interesting for years.